Designation of Qosmos as "assisted witness" constitutes an important step forward in case underway

After being questioned by the investigative judge of the specialised unit for war crimes and crimes against humanity at the Paris Court, the technology company QOSMOS was declared an "assisted witness" for its possible complicity -in acts of torture committed in Syria.

This decision justifies our organisation’s actions in filing a complaint in July 2012,” stated Patrick Baudouin, FIDH Honorary President.

The term "assisted witness," which can precede a formal indictment, may be applied to any person accused by a witness, or who evidence indicates may have been complicit, acted as perpetrator or as an accomplice in the crimes being examined by the investigative judge

We hope that, with this new development, the inquiry will shed light on the conditions that allowed for the installation of a large-scale communications surveillance system benefitting the criminal regime of Bachar el-Assad, which used the system to harm the Syrian people,” said Michel Tubiana, LDH Honorary President.

This decision is part of the judicial investigation that was opened following the complaint filed by FIDH and LDH denouncing the participation of the French company, QOSMOS, in the installation of a large-scale electronic communication surveillance system for the Bachar el-Assad regime which it used to track, torture, and execute its opponents.

Our organisations also filed a complaint against Amesys for participating in similar activities in Libya during Muammar Gaddafi’s rule. A judicial inquiry into this affair is currently being carried out by the specialised unit for war crimes and crimes against humanity of the of the Paris Court. We hope that the proceedings will progress more rapidly, especially as five Libyan victims, all civil parties in the case, were heard by the investigative judge in 2013.

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