Condemnation of the attack and unconditional support to Charlie Hebdo

Press release
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FIDH expresses its full and unconditional support to Charlie Hebdo’s editorial board and to the families of all victims. "What happened is despicable, intolerable and inhuman. In attacking Charlie Hebdo, a free journal, and its journalists, the assailants attacked all freedom defenders" said Karim Lahidji, FIDH President.


Horrified, bewildered, shocked.


At a loss for words to describe yesterday’s terrorist attack.

The most dispicable part : Kalachnikofs against pencils !

Pencils that embodied freedom. Combat weapons being used against culture, information (news ?), satire.

Charlie embodied what we are fighting for each day. Our raison d’être.
What happened yesterday in Paris was like an earthquake.

We are of course thinking of the victims and their families with emmense emotion. In particular Tignous, a committed illustrator, who mobilised alongside FIDH a few years ago.

We are also thinking of the huge wave of hate and intolerance that these barbaric murders may provoke demain or in the coming months.

Fortunately, strong support has been expressed all over the world. The spontaneous demonstrations, such as at Place de la République in Paris, were extremely moving and sincere.

We will do everything possible to promote the sustainability of this unity in defense of universal values. It is the only way to guarantee the essential diversity of opinions and the freedom of expression, our oxygen.

We are supporting the initiatives of the French League for human rights and will continue to call for unity. We are certain that other initiatives will be undertaken by the International Board.

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