FRANCE/ARGENTINA: the French courts decide to extradite Mario Alfredo Sandoval

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On 28 May the Pre-Trial Chamber authorised the extradition of Mario Alfredo Sandoval to Argentina for the disappearance of Hernan Abriata, a student in architecture who was kidnapped on 30 October 1976 and taken to ESMA, the clandestine detention centre in Buenos Aires where 5000 detained persons disappeared during the dictatorship. Sandoval will be judged for crimes against humanity, deprival of liberty and acts of torture that caused death.
This is the first time that an application for extradition has been filed against an alleged Argentinian torturer, found in France. FIDH, which has gone to great length to obtain justice for the victims stressed the importance of this victory in the fight against impunity for crimes against humanity.
Read (in French): La justice française se prononce pour l’extradition de Sandoval vers l’Argentine

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