Celebrating the 60th Anniversary of UDHR in Belarus

Press release

Mr. Ales Bialiatski,vice-president of FIDH

On December 10, 2008 in Minsk, Hrodna and Mahiliou,
Belarus, human rights activists were arrested and arbitrarily detained for
distributing copies of - and brochures on - the Universal Declaration:

 In Minsk, six persons were detained: Mr. Ales
,vice-president of FIDH, Mr. Uladzimir
, Mr. Aleh Matskevich, Ms. Maryna
Statkevch, Mr. Siarzhuk Sys and Ms. Iryna Toustsik.

 In Hrodna, the police detained Messrs. Aleh Kalinkou, Uladzimir
Khilmanovich and Viktar Sazonau
. They were released a few hours later,
after the police asked them to produce written explanations and asserted that
they would decide at a later date whether to draft any violation reports
against them.

 In Mahiliou, Messrs. Alexander Karaliou and Alexander
were also subjected to arbitrary detention and subsequently

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