An accumulation of impotence

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The present note is the result of a fact finding mission mandated by the FIDH in May 2002 in
Albania on the situation of human rights in the country. The mission was more specifically aimed at
gathering information on the way Albania was using international aid to fulfil its obligations
deriving from international human rights conventions.

The mission originally focused on two issues:
 the right to health and the administration of justice.

This note presents the findings of the mission on Albania’s compliance with its various
international obligations regarding the right to health.

The mission was composed of Siobhan Ni Chulachain, FIDH Vice-president and Vice-president of
the Irish Council for Civil Liberties, and of Bernard Debord, French journalist and documentary

From May 2002 to August 2002, the mission carried out additional research work in order to detail
the information collected.
The mission would like to express its gratitude to the Albanian Human Rights Group, affiliated to
the FIDH, for its assistance on the ground.

Persons interviewed

Ms. Elsa BALLAURI, Executive Director of the Albanian Human Rights Group (AHRG)
Mr. Genti Gjermeni, doctor, member of the AHRG
Mr. Ledi BIANKU, Executive Director, European Centre and Professor of international law at the
University of Tirana
Mr. Gent IBRAHIMI, Executive Director, Institute for Policy and Legal Studies
Ms. Marie BIBA, Medical clinic, Porto Romano
Dr. Behar MUSABELLIU, Medical clinic, Porto Romano
Ms. Marjana PEÇI, Medical clinic, Porto Romano
Professor Anastas SULI, head of the Psychiatric Department, Mother Teresa University Hospital
Mr. Halim KOSOVA, General Director University Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynaecology &
Director of Clinic
Ms. Holta KOTHERJA, Executive Director, Legal Clinic for Refugees
Ms. Gentiana MALO, Project Co-ordinator, Save the Children
Mr. Veslemøy NOERLAND, Programme Manager, Save the Children
Mme Breiseda MEMA, stringer AFP, president of the Albanian section Union internationale des
journalistes de la presse de langue français (international union of journalists of French-language
press), board member of AHRG
Mr. Spiro PEÇI, Minister for Justice
Mr. Ëngëll HYSI, Ministry for Public Order
Mr. Mustafa XHANI, Minister for Health
Mr. Prec ZOGAJ, PM, President of the Alliance Democratic Party
Mr. Maurizio BUSATTI, Chief of Mission, IOM International Organization for Migration

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