FIDH third-party intervention: case of a married gay Libyan asylum seeker in Sweden facing torture in Libya

Today, FIDH, jointly with ICJ and ILGA-Europe, submitted written comments in the case M.E. v. Sweden, concerning a Libyan national who, unsuccessfully, applied for asylum in Sweden, after requesting for a residence permit in Sweden on the basis of his marriage to another man.

This case requires the European Court of Human Rights to consider for the first time the question of whether a Council of Europe member State may expel a man who is genuinly married to another man (or a woman married to another woman) if the expelled individual would face a real risk of treatment violating Article 3 in his (or her) country of origin if he (or she) were to speak publicly about his sexual orientation and same-sex marriage.

FIDH-ICJ-ILGA-Europe written comments (April 2013):

M.E. v. Sweden: FIDH third-party intervention before the ECtHR - April 2013 [EN]
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