Condemnation of the Copenhagen attacks and unconditional support to the victims

Press release
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FIDH firmly condemns the attacks perpetrated against the Krudttonden cultural centre and a synagogue in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday 14 February, which left two people murdered and five wounded. Through these acts, the perpetrators have wounded the democratic values our societies are grounded in. As these are increasingly threatened by rising intolerance, hatred and violence across Europe, and the exercise of fundamental human rights is besieged on many fronts, it is of the utmost importance to strongly reaffirm and protect those rights and values from any attempt to violate or restrict them. FIDH urges all layers of society to rally around democracy, human rights and the rule of law as the only way to defeat terror. It also reiterates the importance to ensure that human rights remain central to any initiative taken in the fight against terrorism. FIDH further expresses its total and unconditional support to the victims, their families and friends.

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