Joint submission to the UN Human Rights Committee

FIDH at the UN

Today, FIDH made a submission to the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Committee (CCPR) for the adoption of the List of Issues (LoI) for North Korea with regard to the situation of civil and political rights.

The submission, jointly produced with the Database Center for North Korean Human Rights (NKDB), presents key issues of concern and poses 17 questions related to the following areas:

-  Right to life.
-  Right to liberty.
-  Prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.
-  Forced labor.
-  Detention conditions.
-  Right to freedom of movement.
-  Right to a fair trial.
-  Right to freedom of religion or belief.
-  Right to freedom of opinion and expression.
-  Discrimination based on family background

The LoI for North Korea will be adopted during the CCPR’s 131st session, which is set to be held from 1 to 26 March 2021 in Geneva, Switzerland.

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