Open letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia

In an open letter to the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and SUARAM, FIDH member league in Malaysia, expressed their concerns over certain worrying signs for the state of human rights in the country. From the perspective of the FIDH and SUARAM, one of the most critical issue for human rights in Malaysia is the Internal Security Act (ISA), an emergency and anti-subversion law which is problematic due to the lack of judicial oversight in Malaysia and its instrumentalisation to curb political dissent and negate the work of human rights defenders. While the Razak government has released most of the prisoners held under the ISA, 9 still remain in custody. Those who have been released, however, have been given 2 year Restriction Residence orders and many served 7 year prison sentences without ever being granted their right to a trial. FIDH and SUARAM also urged the Prime Minister to pass a Race Relations act, criminalizing incitement of racial hatred, to establish a Parliamentary Select Committee to work on Media and Law Reform, and to establish an oversight mechanism to investigate alleged instances of police misconduct.

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