No progress on prison conditions and the abolition of the death penalty detailed in report for UN review

FIDH at the UN

(Paris, Tokyo) Today, FIDH and its Japanese member organization Center for Prisoners’ Rights (CPR) submitted their joint shadow report for the 130th session of the United Nation (UN) Human Rights Committee’s review of the seventh periodic report of Japan, which was originally scheduled to be held in October- November 2020 in Geneva, Switzerland. The session has been postponed to sometime in 2021. The FIDH-CPR report assesses conditions in places of detention and the application of the death penalty in Japan.

Since the sixth periodic report under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) in August 2014, there has been no significant progress in the implementation of the recommendations previously made by the UN Human Rights Committee to Japan. The FIDH-CPR joint report specifically looks at the following key human rights areas: the death penalty; treatment of prisoners, including transgender inmates; compulsory prison labor; and the situation in correctional facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

*In September 2022, FIDH and CPR submitted an update to the shadow report, ahead of the 136th session of the UN Human Rights Committee, when the review of Japan’s seventh periodic report was scheduled to take place.

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