Trial in the ECCC Case 002: Civil Parties will make their voice heard

Press release

FIDH, ADHOC and LICADHO welcome the opening, on 27 May 2013, of the « Impact Hearings » before the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) in Case 002/001. [1] During four days (27, 29, 30 May and 4 June 2013), 13 Civil Parties will testify about the impact of the Khmer rouge criminal policy of forced population displacements on their lives. FIDH, ADHOC and LICADHO call upon the Chambers to ensure that victims’ suffering will be acknowledged in their final judgement, and in particular regarding the orders of reparation.

In this Case, two senior Khmer Rouge leaders, Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan [2], appear before the Chamber for forced transfer of population to rural areas between 17 May 1975 and mid 1976. This trial, which opened in November 2011 and in which close to 4000 Civil Parties participate as a consolidated group, should soon come to an end.

The FIDH Litigation Action Group represents 10 Cambodian Civil Parties living in France; one of them will have the opportunity to testify about the impact of the crimes and of exile on her life. "This is a key moment for Civil Parties", explains Patrick Baudouin, FIDH Honorary President and one of the FIDH Civil Parties lawyer. "These hearings represent an opportunity for Civil Parties to have their voices heard by enabling them to speak about the physical, psychological and material impact of those crimes on their lives and on the lives of their family members”.

"We have been waiting for this moment for a long time. It is essential that in addition to the victims still living in Cambodia the voice of Civil Parties from the diaspora be heard and fully acknowledged by the Tribunal, including in their judgement on reparation", declared Thun Saray, President of ADHOC.

Close to 4000 Civil Parties are represented in Case 002/001, but only a few have been given the opportunity to testify during the trial. However, all Civil Parties testimonies and requests for reparation will form part of the Final claim for collective and moral reparations.

The ECCC is the only internationalized tribunal that allows victims to have full participatory rights as Civil Parties. FIDH, ADHOC and LICADHO have continuously advocated for the effective recognition of the Civil Parties’ rights [3]

“The Chambers should render their judgement in Case 002/001 without delay to meet victims’ expectations”, said Dr Pung Chhiv Kek, President of LICADHO.

FIDH, ADHOC and LICADHO also call upon the Government of the Kingdom of Cambodia and all donors to continue to support this process and the effective implementation of judicial and non-judicial measures of reparation.

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