Cambodia: Historical verdict on Khmer Rouge crimes to be delivered on August 7th

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An FIDH delegation arrived on August 5th in Phnom Penh to attend the verdict to be delivered by the ECCC on August 7th against two former high-ranking Khmer Rouge officials: Khieu Samphan, former Head of State of Democratic Kampuchea, and Nuon Chea, former President of the Assembly of People’s Representatives of Democratic Kampuchea and ideologist of the Khmer Rouge regime.

They are both charged with crimes against humanity related to the forced movement of the population from Phnom Penh on 17 April 1975, and later from other regions. They will also be judged for the alledged execution of Khmer Republic soldiers in Pursat Province.

The verdict will be issued on August 7th around 9am (Phnom Penh time).

FIDH delegation is composed of 8 victims of the Khmer Rouge crimes, living in France and being supported by FIDH since 2008.

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