ECCC - Case 002/02 : Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea will face a second trial

Press release

On 4 April 2014, the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) decided on the scope of the next trial in Case 002 against the former high-level Khmer Rouge officials Khieu Samphan and Nuon Chea. According to this decision, trial in Case 002/02 will look into charges of genocide, forced marriages and rape, treatment of Buddhists, internal purges, targeting of former Khmer Republic officials, as well as 4 security centers, 3 worksites and 1 cooperative. While the verdict in the first trial of Case 002 is expected to be rendered late June this year, FIDH and ADHOC, FIDH member organisation in Cambodia, welcome this decision that is paving the way for victims of other grave crimes to see justice done.

"This confirmation of a second trial encompassing other crimes than the crimes against humanity related to the first two phases of forced movement of population, which were the focus of the first trial in Case 002, is an important step for victims who are fighting for truth, justice and reparation for 35 years" , said Patrick Baudouin, FIDH Honorary President.

Almost all the requests of the Civil Party Lead-Co Lawyers were granted by the ECCC Trial Chamber, that decided to include the remaining factual allegations in the next case. Are thus included in Case 002/02 the charges of genocide against the Cham and Vietnamese, forced marriages and rape, internal purges, the 4 security centers of S-21, Kraing Ta Chan, Au Kaseng and Phnom Kraol, the 3 worksites of 1st January Sam, Kampong Chhnang Airport, Trapeang Thma Dam, the Tram Kok Cooperative, treatment of Buddhists in the cooperative, as well as targeting of former Khmer Republic officials in some of the targeted sites.

"We hope that the Trial Chamber will soon set a close date for the second trial in Case 002 to begin. Victims await for all the crimes within the closing order to be adjudicated within the lifespan of the two octogenerian accused" , said Thun Saray, ADHOC President.

On 8 April, the Trial Chamber also requested the different parties to respect certain deadlines for the submission of up-dated lists of witnesses and other material in order to move swiftly toward the scheduling of an opening date for the trial in Case 002/02 after 9 June 2014.

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