Burma: the UN keeps the spotlight on human rights violations

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By adopting, at its 28th session (March 2015), a resolution that is slightly more substantial than in 2014 and renews the mandate of the Special Rapporteur, the United Nations Human Rights Council has addressed Burma’s backsliding on human rights and continued to exert much-needed pressure on the country’s authorities so that they take responsibility to protect the rights and freedoms of everyone, including the Rohingya and Muslim communities, and carry out meaningful reform.

FIDH has called on the Council to continue to fulfill its mandate with regard to Burma through sustained advocacy at the UN, but also by reaching out to the general public through a photo exhibition by the award-winning photographer Greg Constantine in downtown Geneva. “Exiled to Nowhere” highlights the plight of Burma’s Rohingya, whose situation has been documented by Greg Constantine as part of his work on stateless people.

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