Odhikar’s Annual Human Rights Report 2019

Our Movement

Odhikar has been diligently monitoring the human rights situation in Bangladesh since 1994, in order to promote and protect civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights of Bangladeshi citizens and to report on violations and defend the victims. Odhikar, as an organization of human rights defenders, has always sought to raise awareness of all human rights violations committed by the state and campaign for internationally recognized civil and political rights, to protest and prevent the state from violating human rights.

Odhikar consistently monitors the human rights situation of Bangladesh and releases a status report every month. This annual human rights report was prepared based on data collection, reports sent by human rights defenders associated with Odhikar from different districts of the country and information published in various media.

While carrying out human rights related activities, Odhikar has been facing severe repression and harassment by the government since 2013. Despite this, Odhikar has maintained its commitment to highlighting human rights violations through defending human rights and publishing reports. Due to the repression, control and curtailment of freedoms of speech and expression, Odhikar too has had to practice restrain in its reporting.

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