Armanshahr a periodical on human rights and civil society, Issues 29-30 published

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Armanshahr (a periodical on human rights and civil society), Issue 29-30 published

Special issue on Women’s Film Festival – 8 March

March - April 2013

In this issue:

[rouge]First International Women’s Film Festival – Women’s Day[/rouge]
• International women’s Film Festival: "Women, most qualified ambassadors of peace"
• Interview with Sadiq Barmak: Suffering creates the stories and the stories create cinema
• Women’s cinema in Tajikistan, before and after independence
• Women’s film festival in Herat, a city without a cinema
• FIDH supports the first-ever International Women’s Film Festival in Afghanistan
• Women’s Film Festival in Herat - Pictures gallery

[rouge]Armanshahr Goftegu debates[/rouge]
• Human rights in deadlock in Afghanistan - Goftegu 103
• A critique of a decade of support for women - Goftegu 104

[rouge]Human Rights[/rouge]
• FIDH & Armanshahr: The Afghan government and the whole UN system must reinvigorate their engagement to protect human rights in Afghanistan
• HRW: Afghanistan: Rights at risk as military drawdown advances
• UNAMA report on treatment of conflict-related detainees in Afghan custody
• TJCG: The government should not violate the constitution through peace roadmap and release of Taliban prisoners
• TJCG: Stop killing civilians and try those responsible!

* Other items in the Dari version
* "City and the War"- Politis asia 14-15 published
* Armanshahr/OPEN ASIA Publications

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