Armanshahr a periodical on human rights and civil society, Issues 27-28 published

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Armanshahr (a periodical on human rights and civil society), Issue 27-28 published

In this issue:


• 15 years Armanshahr, celebrated with Simorgh peace prize awards – Goftegus 100 and 101
• Winners of 1st & 2nd Simorgh Peace Prize announced


• Violence against women is political - Goftegu 98
• Two women, two poetesses – Goftegu 89 (Badakhshan)
• Women’s participation in peace process - Reza Hussaini

[rouge]Justice and peace[/rouge]

• Access to justice and challenges to it - Goftegu 99
• Justice & rights in Balkh - Goftegu 92
• Justice & rights: 10-year experience; a way for the future - Goftegu 90
• National interests, peace, justice: questions and ambiguities – Interview with Abdulhafiz Mansoor

[rouge]Human rights[/rouge]

• Amnesty International: results and achievements of a decade - Interview with Horia Mosadiq
• Human Rights Watch in Afghanistan, 10 years on - Interview with Heather Barr
• Human rights in Badakhshan - Interview with AIHRC director in province

[rouge]Human rights violations News[/rouge]

[rouge]Transitional justice[/rouge]

• Correlation of peace and transitional justice

[rouge]Culture and arts[/rouge]

• Looting, burning and destruction of the National Museum - interview with Omara Khan Massoudi
• Book & Freedom of Expression in Balkh - Goftegu 91
• Publishers in Kabul, what they say and do
• In the context of footnote - Goftegu 95
• The Colonel by Mahmoud Dowlatabadi – two reviews


• Armanshahr’s new books

• Other items in the Dari version

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