Armanshahr a periodical on human rights and civil society, Issues 25-26 published

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Armanshahr (a periodical on human rights and civil society), Issue 25-26 published

In this issue:

[rouge]Human Rights & Peace[/rouge]

  • HUMAN RIGHTS AT A CROSSROADS: The need for a rights-centred approach to peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan - Joint FIDH/Armanshahr Report
  • Priorities of civil society & human rights activists after Tokyo! Interview: Zia Mobalegh
  • A glance at US-Afghanistan strategic agreement
  • AIHRC on Afghanistan-USA Strategic Partnership Agreement
  • Will 2014 spell the end of free and independent media in Afghanistan?

[rouge]Violations of Human Rights[/rouge]

  • Amnesty International - Annual Report 2012 – Afghanistan
  • From Arbaki to Local Police - Summary of AIHRC Report
  • Human Rights Violations News
  • We condemn 15 April terrorist attacks - TJCG & 22 groups & media organisations

[rouge]Transitional Justice – Afghanistan[/rouge]

  • There is still a chance to control the armed conflict in Afghanistan- Interview Nader Nadery
  • Transitional Justice Coordination Group – a record sheet

[rouge]Tokyo Conference[/rouge]

  • FIDH/Armanshahr Press release on Tokyo Conference
  • Benchmarking development to key human rights indicators Armanshahr/ FIDH Open Letter
  • We demand peace with the just not with human rights violators and war crimes suspects - Women’s 50% Campaign

[rouge]Chicago Conference[/rouge]

  • NATO Summit should go beyond discussing the quick-fixes of military disengagement - FIDH/Armanshahr Press release
  • Peace, justice, transparency, participation - Statement of TJCG
  • CSHRO Statement
  • Afghan Civil Society Forum’s declaration

[rouge]Armanshahr Public Debates[/rouge]

  • From the fairy of arts to the monster of war-87th Public Debate
  • 6 years of public debates about justice


  • 6 years of publishing for justice
  • “Transitional Justice Manual”
  • New books by Armanshahr
  • Other articles in the Dari version of Armanshahr
  • Armanshahr/Open Asia publications

About Armanshahr Foundation
Armanshahr Foundation is an independent, not for profit citizen organisation based in Kabul and is not affiliated with any economic, political, religious, ethnic, groups or governments. The Foundation’s mission is to create proper forums to ensure citizen social demand for democracy, human rights, justice and rule of law and to create through cultural manifestations and publications a broad constituency of well-informed citizens. Armanshahr Foundation also actively promotes reflection and debate both inside Afghanistan, trans-regionally and internationally with the goal of ensuring solidarity, progress and safeguarding peace.

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