Armanshahr a periodical on human rights and civil society, Issues 23-24 published-Women

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Armanshahr (a periodical on human rights and civil society), Issue 23-24 published-Women’s Issues

In this issue:
[rouge]Women’s Rights:[/rouge]
• Historical suffering women & impact of political control their participation – Sima Samar
• HRDs & women facing Taleban-type and Western fundamentalism! – MP Fawzia Koofi
• Discrimination against women’s participation – Herat Prosecutor Maria Bashir
• Ministry of Women’s Affairs has lowest budget– Deputy Minister Mostafavi
• AIHRC’s press release on Ulema Council’s resolution
• Joint statement of 50% Campaign & 21 groups and networks for 8 March
• Statement of CSHRO for 8 March
• Afghanistan government reports on CEDAW
Reports of Violence against Women:
• UN: Elimination of Violence against Women Law has a long way to go
• HRW: Hundreds of women jailed for ’moral crimes’
• AHRDO: Afghan women after Taleban; Will history repeat itself?
[rouge]Armanshahr Public Debates:[/rouge]
• 86th public debate: Present and future of women in Afghanistan
• 6 years of public debates about women: Women, telling the untold
[rouge]Human Rights Violations:[/rouge]
• Ulema Council’ s resolution about women
• AIHRC: US sent detainees to Afghan prisons known for torture despite moratorium
• The culture war over Afghan women is heating up
• President Karzai and the ’secondary’ sex
• The NYT reports on slavery in Afghanistan
• Amnesty International: Death penalty in Afghanistan 2011
• Human rights violations news
[rouge]Women’s Analysis[/rouge]
• Freedom of societies depends on liberation of women from captivity – Guissou Jahangiri
• People: actors of change
[rouge]Women in Culture and Arts:[/rouge]
• On a decade of women’s cinema – interview with Roya Sadat
• Armanshahr: Six years of publishing on women’s issues

• Other articles in the Dari version of Armanshahr
• Armanshahr/Open Asia publications

About Armanshahr Foundation
Armanshahr Foundation is an independent, not for profit citizen organisation based in Kabul and is not affiliated with any economic, political, religious, ethnic, groups or governments. The Foundation’s mission is to create proper forums to ensure citizen social demand for democracy, human rights, justice and rule of law and to create through cultural manifestations and publications a broad constituency of well-informed citizens. Armanshahr Foundation also actively promotes reflection and debate both inside Afghanistan, trans-regionally and internationally with the goal of ensuring solidarity, progress and safeguarding peace.

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