Armanshahr (a periodical on human rights and civil society), Issue 22

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-Armanshahr - a periodical on human rights and civil society, Year 3, Vol. 4 Issue 22

February 2012

• Transitional Justice - three terms
• Media Watch: Violence against journalists on the rise
• Freedom of expression and human rights in Afghanistan media, 10 years on; 85th Public debate
• Commissioners of AIHRC to be replaced
• International Criminal Court on Afghanistan
• Afghan People’s Dialogue on Peace: Laying the Foundations for an Inclusive Peace Process
• News of human rights violations
• HRW: Prison Transfer to Interior Ministry Could Give Police Free Rein
• People’s message to Bonn Conference; 84th Public Debate
• Afghan Civil Society members address Bonn Conference
• Conclusions of the Bonn Conference
• Amnesty International: Guantánamo: A decade of damage to human rights
• HRW: Guantanamo, Ten Years On
• HR organisations: Close Guantanamo with Justice Now
• RSF: The 10 most dangerous places for journalists
• FIDH: The Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC - 9 Years on
• Book burning and wiping out collective memory – against oblivion; 82nd Public Debate
• New Books by Armanshahr
• 30 birds in 40 poetry reading sessions
• Wahid Qasemi, endeavouring to guard original music; 83rd Public Debate
• Elias Alawi: A poet with the power of tiredness & A tower at point zero of vision and reality
• A story separate from Nader and Simin

Armanshahr Foundation is an independent, not for profit citizen organisation based in Kabul and is not affiliated with any economic, political, religious, ethnic, groups or governments. The Foundation’s mission is to create proper forums to ensure citizen social demand for democracy, human rights, justice and rule of law and to create through cultural manifestations and publications a broad constituency of well-informed citizens. Armanshahr Foundation also actively promotes reflection and debate both inside Afghanistan, trans-regionally and internationally with the goal of ensuring solidarity, progress and safeguarding peace.

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