Troy Davis has been executed

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- FIDH is outraged at the execution of Troy Davis, declared dead on the 21st September 2011 at 11:08 pm (Georgia - USA - time).
- This execution is shameful. It condemns a man whose guilt has never been proven after more than twenty years of proceedings, and who never stopped claiming his innocence.
- Troy Davis’ execution confirms the inhumane character of the death penalty. He waited for more than twenty years in the death rows and was previously confronted to 3 last-minute delays of execution procedures. It jeopardises a entire system that is capable of executing possibly innocent people. The USA have to urgently engage in the path of total abolition of the death penalty.

Press releases

- 22 September 2011 (in French): Troy Davis has been executed

- 20 September 2011: Troy Davis must not be executed

- 15 September 2011 (in French): Do not execute Troy Davis!

Reaction of Souhayr Belhassen, FIDH President (in French)

La FIDH indignée par l’exécution de Troy Davis par fidhdailymotion

Troy Davis’ letter handed over to his lawyers before his execution

Joint Letter to the US Embassy in France, 21 September 2011 (in French only)

For more information:

- Dossier 10 October 2011, 9th World Day Against the Death Penalty: the Inhumanity of the Death Penalty

- FIDH’s documents on the death penalty

- Website of the World Coalition against death penalty

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