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The FIDH reiterates its profound horror regarding the terrorist attacks that have plunged into mourning the United States of America. These extremely violent attacks against civilians constitute an assault against humanity. They are absolutely unjustifiable and must be strongly condemned.

The FIDH considers that the legitimate and necessary repression of these acts must fully comply with international law, which aims precisely at protecting humanity against such methods. Indiscriminate military reprisals would be illegal, ineffective and would play the terrorists’ game; universal principles and values, which are threatened by these terrorist acts, must be defended. Responding to blind violence by undifferentiated violence would amount to the denial of universal values of legality and justice, which is precisely what those behind the attacks seek.

The perpetrators of these horrible acts and the people behind them must definitely be identified, prosecuted and punished. This week’s attacks demonstrate the urgent need for an independent and effective international criminal justice.

Further thought needs to be given to the causes of these attacks. The pursuit of the wealthiest States’ self-interest, to the detriment of equity, solidarity and the right of the people to self-determination, deprives entire populations of any hope for a better life and favours the emergence of the most harmful ideologies. Universal peace and security depend on the sincere commitment of the entire community of States to build a fairer and more balanced international order.

The response to such a tragedy must be based on the reassertion of the unicity of mankind and of the right of all peoples to security, democracy and justice. The FIDH urges all States to firmly commit themselves to these principles.

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