International Electoral Observation Mission 2000

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Aims of the Electoral Observation Mission

To assess the conditions in which the election of April
2000 will take place, and help to make a fair and
democratic election possible in Peru.

To raise awareness both nationally and internationally on
the need for a fair and democratic election in Peru.

In conclusion, this Mission expresses serious
doubts as to the impartiality and independence of the
bodies tasked with monitoring the election, and the lack
of credibility and legitimacy of the of the electoral process
as a whole. We have witnessed that the actual conditions
are not suitable conditions for a free, democratic and
transparent elections in Peru. We fear for the authenticity
of the voting which is to take place shortly.

The Mission has reported a general feeling of
defencelessness - the individual versus the State - giving
rise to fears that votes in favour of the presidential
candidate will be the result of pressure of various kinds,
and not the true expression of popular will.

In this context the election does not appear to be a free
and democratic competition in which citizens can choose
their preferred candidates and ideologies, but rather a
process which seeks to justify or disguise what amounts
to the perpetuation of an authoritarian regime with a
strong military presence.

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