Honduras: As the electoral crisis continues, the OAS and the European Union must take decisive action

Paris, 13 December 2017 - FIDH observes with great concern the political crisis which has worsened in recent days, over two weeks since the municipal, presidential and legislative elections held in Honduras on 26 November.

The murder of 14 people, dozens of people wounded and arrested in protests, the Honduran authorities’ decision to declare a state of siege, suspend individual guarantees, impose a curfew prohibiting all demonstrations represents a serious deterioration in the respect of human rights. These actions and the destruction of Radio Progreso’s antennas require a firm and effective response to guarantee the population’s security and respect for the Rule of Law in the country.

Similarly, the international community needs to be aware of the following facts, which add to and are a result of serious incidents of electoral fraud: The possible re-election of President Juan Orlando Hernández, in contravention of the provisions of the National Constitution; the close links between the judges of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE - Tribunal Superior Electoral) and the governing party which call into question the independence and impartiality of the former; as well as the numerous reported irregularities in the vote counting process.

Therefore, FIDH urgently requests that the Organization of American States and the European Union:

 Take a stronger stance on the human right violations and take appropriate measures - which are part of their responsibilities and international mechanisms - against Honduras, including the military police and police commanders responsible for serious violations of human rights, especially extra-judicial executions.

 Urge the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to facilitate and press for a recount of all the electoral records by an independent international body or, if this is not possible, call for elections with guarantees, as recently suggested by the Secretary General of the OAS.

- Foster an urgent conclusion to the crisis in order to avoid further social unrest.

 Forge closer ties with human rights organisations in Honduras to assess the situation.

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