Honduras: World Bank criticized for inadequate supervision of its investments

The World Bank’s supervision of its investments in Corporación Dinant in the Aguán Valley was put under scrutiny following an audit by the Compliance Advisor Ombudsman and found to be inadequate and of particular concern.

The case was triggered in April 2012 in response to concerns raised by FIDH and civil society groups to the World Bank about violent homicides of peasants in the Aguán Valley. FIDH’s ongoing work regarding the grave human rights violations in the Aguán Valley are strongly reflected in the published findings, quoting the joint FIDH fact-finding mission of March 2011. The findings further recall that, in November 2012, FIDH and its member organisation, the Center for Constitutional Rights, made a submission to the International Criminal Court claiming that “[Dinant’s owner’s] security forces appear to have been involved in forcible transfers of campesinos and in a number of killings and attacks.

The World Bank’s response to the audit was published on January 2014 outlining the 12 month action plan set in place to address the report’s findings. FIDH and its member organisations will closely monitor the situation.

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