The Montréal principles on women’s economic, social and cultural rights

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The Montréal Principles were adopted at a meeting of experts held December 7 - 10, 2002 in
Montréal, Canada. These principles are offered to guide the interpretation and implementation
of the guarantees of non-discrimination and equal exercise and enjoyment of economic, social
and cultural rights, found, inter alia, in Articles 3 and 2(2) of the International Covenant on
Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, so that women can enjoy these rights fully and equally.
The participants at the Montreal meeting were: Sneh Aurora, Fareda Banda, Reem Bahdi,
Stephanie Berstein, Gwen Brodsky, Ariane Brunet, Christine Chinkin, Mary Shanthi Dairiam,
Shelagh Day, Leilani Farha, Ruth Goba, Maria Soledad Garcia Muñoz, Sara Hossain, Lucie
Lamarche, Marianne Mollmann, Dianne Otto, Karrisha Pillay, Inés Romero, and Alison
Symington. They unanimously agreed on the following principles.

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