Brazil : World Cup & Human Rigths

Press release
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The Soccer World Cup taking place in Brazil and especially its preparation have been the scene of many human rights violations and respressed social protest.

Rafael Dias from Justicia Global outlines the various human rights violations surrounding the Soccer World Cup events in Brazil.

Read FIDH and Justicia Global’s call on EU and Brazil to address the criminalisation of the social protest and violations of labor, economic and social rights in the run up to the World Cup

FIDH member organisations in Brazil are Justicia Global and Movimento Nacional de Direitos Humanos (MNDH).

In July 2013, FIDH had addressed an open letter to Mr Blatter, President of FIFA, calling on him to ensure that preparations for the World Cup in Russia in 2018 and Qatar in 2022 are respectful of worker’s human rights. In it, our organization had reminded FIFA the protests then taking place in Brazil were an important reminder that the success of the games depends on respect for broader social values.

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