Sudan: One year after the military coup, a civilian transition is more than ever necessary

Mahmoud Hjaj / Anadolu Agency / Anadolu Agency via AFP

Khartoum, Nairobi, Paris, 26 October 2022 — One year has passed since the military authorities took power in Sudan. Deadly repression continues against popular and peaceful demonstrations calling for an urgent civilian transition.

The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the African Center for Justice and Peace Studies (ACJPS), and the Sudanese Human Rights Monitor (SHRM) call for an immediate end to the use of force by the Sudanese security forces, who must protect all civilians and restore peace in the region.

FIDH and its members condemn the lack of transparency in the political agreements that are being drafted, and are inviting actors to respect the full inclusion of civil society, and to ensure the respect of its demand towards a civilian transition.

“The current crisis in Sudan and its escalating violence, both underscore the need for an urgent transition to a democratic dispensation responsive and accountable to the needs of the people.”

Alice Mogwe, President of FIDH

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Since the coup, the security situation has continuously deteriorated throughout the country. FIDH and its members are deeply worried by the surge of violence in Blue Nile where at least 220 people were recently killed. FIDH and its members call for independent investigations to be conducted so all perpetrators are held accountable and victims given justice.

One case embodies the repercussions of the degraded political situation. Amal, a 20 year old woman, was sentenced to death by stoning in June 2022. Being aware of her impending fate, FIDH, its Sudanese leagues and partners launched an international campaign in October, to support her case. The petition for her release published on Avaaz has now reached over a million signatures in under 10 days and keeps on attracting support.

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FIDH and its member leagues oppose the death penalty and call on the Sudanese authorities to free Amal, and then pronounce a moratorium on all executions in Sudan as part of the abolition of the death penalty and legislation which discriminate against women.

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