Al Bashir Case, Sudan and the International Criminal Court


27/08/2010: President Bashir must imperatively be arrested in Kenya today

30/07/2010: The African Union defies the International Criminal Court and dares trample on the memory of Darfuri victims!

22/07/2010: Chad must arrest Omar Al-Bashir!

15/07/2010: President Omar Al-Bashir must be arrested!

17/06/2010: Voluntary appearance of two Sudanese rebel commanders before the ICC: A New Window of Hope for Victims of International Crimes Committed in Darfur

11/06/2010: The Security Council should condemn the continued commission of crimes in Darfur and order sanctions against individuals responsible for them

31/05/2010: Sudan / ICC: Activists Prevented from Travelling to the Rome Statute Review Conference

29/04/2010: FIDH and its member organisations welcome the ICC Prosecutor’s request to issue a judicial finding of non-cooperation of the Government of Sudan

5/07/2009: AU resolution in support of al-Bashir: African Heads of State fall into disrepute in Sirte

5/06/2009: Sudan Continues to Disrespectfully Disregard Victims of International Crimes in Darfur: The Security Council must face up to its responsibility and ensure that its resolutions are implemented

4/06/2009: Open Letter to African States Parties to the Rome Statute: The victims of the most serious crimes are counting on you

4/06/2009: Darfur: Security Council Should Support the ICC - The Justice for Darfur Campaign calls on Security Council Members to Press Sudan to Cooperate

18/05/2009: Sudan: First appearance before the International Criminal Cout of a Sudanese accused of war crimes in Darfur

24/03/2009: Sudan: FIDH letter to the Arab leaders in view of the Arab Summit to be held in Doha

20/03/2009: FIDH-member organisations PR: "NGOs support the ICC"

4/03/2009: The International Criminal Court issues an arrest warrant for President Omar Al-Bashir

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FIDH’s Questions and Answers: The International Criminal Court and Darfur

FIDH: Q&A on the ICC and Darfur - March 2009 [En]
FIDH: Q / R sur la CPI et le Darfour - mars 2009 [Fr]


Al-Bashir case on the FIDH blog

"Sudan : breaking the vicious circle of violence", Interview with Osman Hummaida, Sudanese Human Rights defender

"There is no more immunity for those who committed crimes against humanity", Hafez Abu Seada, SG of the Egyptian Organisation for Human Rights (EOHR), comments on the issuance on an arrest warrant for Al-Bashir
"First arrest warrant issued for a sitting Head of State", Video of the ICC press conference on 4 March 2009
"Will Africa Let Sudan Off the Hook?", Desmond Tutu, New York Times, 2 March 2009
White Justice? - Article by Sidiki KABA published on the FIDH Blog
Hissène Habré, Charles Taylor, Jean-Pierre Bemba…: the list goes on, this list of dictators, warlords or torturers from the African continent, who are behind bars or being prosecuted by an international or foreign court.


FIDH paper: The International Criminal Court’s First Years

FIDH: Les premières années de la CPI - décembre 2009 [Fr]
FIDH: the ICC’s first years - December 2009 [En]
FIDH: los primeros años de la CPI - diciembre de 2009 [Sp]


Other FIDH and member organisations’ reports and open letters on Sudan / ICC

07/2010: ACJPS report: Renewing the Pledge: Re-engaging the Guarantors to the Sudanese Comprehensive Peace Agreement

05/2010: ACJPS Sudan Human Rights’ Monitor - Dec 2009 - May 2010

03|12/2008: Ongoing crimes and impunity endanger peace, not justice

02|12/2008: Sudan: Rhetoric versus Reality in Darfur - Joint Report on the Continuing Abuses Despite Government Charm Offensive

25|11/2008: Joint Open letter to Members of the UN Security Council

30|07/2008: Open letter to Members of the UN Security Council: Security Council, Sudan, and the ICC: Moving Toward both Peace and Justice

17|07/2008: Open Letter to the League of Arab States and to the African Union

14|07/2008: President Al-Bashir sought by the ICC Prosecutor for charges of genocide


Testimonies of Refugees: "WE WANT SECURITY , WE WANT JUSTICE"

 Obstacles to effective deployment of the UNAMID

 Threats against Sudanese Human Rights Defenders


FIDH Section on Sudan and the ICC

View online : FIDH Section on Sudan and the ICC
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