Guinea, the case of 28 September 2009: Colonel Claude Pivi indicted

The 27 June 2013 indictment of Colonel Claude Pivi, head of the president’s security service, was a major step forward for the Guinean justice system, the victims of the 28 September 2009 case, and the fight against impunity in Guinea. FIDH and OGDH, which filed as plaintiffs (partie civile) in the case alongside AVIPA and AFADIS, are providing support for more than 300 victims before the Guinean courts by coordinating a group of Guinean and international lawyers. This led to the submission of evidence to the investigating judge in charge of the case, evidence that supported the alleged responsibility of Mr. Pivi in extremely serious events that occurred in the Conakry stadium in 28 September 2009 when at least 157 people were killed and close to 100 women were raped. We welcome the progress made in legal affairs through this case that is symbolic of the fight against impunity. “ Guinea should take advantage of this opportunity to enable the victims to receive their due and to strengthen a legal system that has suffered from five decades of arbitrariness ,” said Mr. Drissa Traoré, FIDH Vice President and lawyer.

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