FIDH exhibition "Guinea: Waiting for justice" in Geneva from 16 March to 2 April!


On 28 september 2009, the stadium of Conakry in Guinea, was the scene of a massacre: 157 persons were killed, over a hundred of women were raped and hundreds were seriously injured. All of them were peaceful demonstrators… Since that day, we have accompanied some 500 victims and their families in their quest for justice.

In order to pay tribute and listen to the thousands of victims of the Guinea state violence, FIDH and its member organisation in Guinea, OGDH, invited the English photographer Tommy Trenchard to meet with the victims in their quest for justice.

Tommy Trenchard took photos of them in the street at night, usually on the scene of the crimes, where, in one day their lives were turned upside down. His portraits show the vacant but determined look of people who, in their quest for justice, were able to surpass their personal fears and plunge back into story of their past. Painful tales that they agreed to tell, so that they may never happen again.

Tommy’s work led to the creation of the exhibit "Guinea: waiting for justice", first presented at the Franco-Guinean Cultural Centre in Conakry from 27 September to 28 October 2016.

This exhibition is being displayed in La Rotonde du Mont-Blanc, in Geneva, from 16 March to 2 April.

All the photos and testimonies are also in a book of photos with a preface by Fatou Bensouda, the ICC Chief Prosecutor.

Even if the victims are still waiting for justice, the extradition from Senegal to Guinea of "Toumba" Diakité, who had been on the run for 7 years, is a powerful signal in favour of the fight against impunity in West Africa and testifies of the determination of the Guinean government to hold the 28 September trial as promised.

We kindly invit you to support the victims in their quest of justice by visiting this exposition in La Rotonde du Mont-Blanc in Geneva from 16 March to 2 April.

The opening ceremony will take place on 20 March 2017 at La Rotonde du Mont-Blanc at 5.30pm.

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