Guinea : Commemoration of 28 September Massacre overshadowed by political tension

On the second anniversary of the 28 September massacre and nearly a year after his election, President Alpha Conde, historical opponent of dictatorship, has yet to realise his commitment to human rights and the fight against impunity. As parliamentary elections draw near, government opposition groups struggle to participate in political debate and communitarianism has become a major issue. In this particularly tense political context, there is an urgent need to secure justice for the victims of 28 September. Genuine national reconciliation must be implemented to lay the foundations for a democratic and peaceful society.

The commencement of three days of opposition events (from 27 to 29 September) «accidentally» coincide with the second anniversary of the 2009 massacre at Conakry stadium. Clashes with security forces and Donzos (traditional hunters) on one side, and civilians and pro-opposition demonstrators on the other, have already occurred in several districts of the capital, particularly Bambeto, Hamdallaye and Cosa. International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the Guinean Organization for Human Rights (OGDH) express their deep concern about the three days of demonstrations, calling on Guinean authorities for restraint and demonstrators for calm.

Guinea : Commemoration of 28 September Massacre overshadowed by political tension

From 17 to 25 September 2011, a FIDH contact mission to Conakry conducted an assessment of the human rights situation in Guinea. This included determination of the progress made in the fight against impunity, particularly for the September massacre. The misson was composed of Africa Desk Director, Florent GEEL, Programme Officer, Antonin RABECQ, and lawyer and FIDH Legal Action Group member, Martin PRADEL. Working collaboratively with FIDH member, the Guinean Organization for Human Rights (OGDH), the mission met with senior representatives of political and judicial authorities, national institutions, diplomatic mis

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