Probo Koala Case: Five years after this tragedy, no true accountability for the perpetrators and no effective reparation for the victims

In the night of the 19 August 2006, 528m3 of toxic waste, on board of the ship "PROBO KOALA", chartered by European oil-trading company TRAFIGURA, were dumped in more than ten open air sites in the district of Abidjan, without any form of processing. Five years have passed and the numerous victims of this tragedy are still struggling for justice and reparation for the serious harm they suffered.

None of the jurisdictions the victims referred the case to, be they from Côte d’Ivoire, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, have - to date - held those who bear the greatest responsibility accountable, which would respond to the victims’ need for truth and justice. Moreover, all the victims of this environmental and human catastrophy have not benefited from the millions of Euros of compensation paid by TRAFIGURA following settlement agreements concluded with the Ivorian government as well as with a London based law firm, representing part of the victims.

FIDH, LIDHO and MIDH published a report (in French) in April 2011, drawing a picture of how this case was dealt with by the Ivorian justice, also presenting the other proceedings initiated abroad, and illustrating the numerous obstacles faced by these forgotten Ivorian victims.

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