Serious human rights violations behind closed doors in the Pool

Press release
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(Brazzaville, Paris) FIDH, OCDH and the #MyVoteMustCount coalition member organisations are extremely concerned about the major military and police operations currently ongoing in the Pool region. The violence has already led to dozens of people killed and injured, the destruction of many buildings including schools, medical centers and churches, and numerous arrests. While the security forces prohibit almost all access to the Pool department, our organisations are concerned about a crackdown behind closed doors against opponents to the recent and contested re-election of President Denis Sassou Nguesso. Our organisations urge the authorities to stop all operations of the security forces, to allow access to populations and to conduct independent investigations into these events.

Position Paper Congo 26 April 2016

"The #MyVoteMustCount coalition
Between 2014 and 2016, 52 elections including 25 presidential elections have been scheduled in 27 African countries. To avoid manipulation, fraud, and violence resulting from shortened elections, African and international civil societies have decided to mobilize through the #MyVoteMustCount campaign. Civil societies are demanding that their leaders respect the legitimate rights of the people to choose their representatives in fair, free and transparent elections through public awareness, field actions and political advocacy prior to each election between now and 2016.

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