Publication of a report: "A very dangerous first October in English-speaking Cameroon: as usual?"

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This report follows an international investigating mission of the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) which went to Cameroon from 23 August to 1st September 2003. Its goal was to evaluate the human rights situation in this country.

"Un premier octobre de tous les dangers au Cameroun anglophone: comme d’habitude?" (in French only)

Composed of Jean-Bernard Padaré, Vice-President of the Ligue Tchadienne des droits de l’Homme, member of the FIDH, and of Benoît Van der Meerschen, Coordinator of the Belgian section of the Defense des Enfants international, the mission notably went in the English-speaking provinces of Cameroon.

If, from a general point of view, many statements that were made at this occasion by the FIDH mission do not differ from the rest of the country, the English-speaking province is distinguishable by the persistence and the repetitive persecutions that aim at the English-speaking secessionist activists.

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