NGOs call on the European Parliament to strengthen respect for human rights by regulating dual use technology exports

Press release

The European Parliament will vote today on a proposed regulation that seeks to control the export of dual use technologies, often used by authoritarian governments to spy on and persecute human rights defenders, journalists and members of the political opposition. FIDH and six other NGOs call on Members of the European Parliament to take into account respect for human rights before authorizing the export of such products.

Today is a unique opportunity for the European Union to limit the export of surveillance technologies produced by European companies. On several occasions, FIDH has denounced such practices and obtained the opening of judicial investigations targeting the potential role of French companies in exporting surveillance technologies to Syria, Libya and Egypt.

A coalition of NGOs is now collectively calling on Members of the European Parliament to face up to their responsibility and to acknowledge the importance of defending human rights above economic interests.

“The sale of surveillance equipment from EU Member States allowing authoritarian regimes to strengthen their oppressive arsenal has become routine. Transparency and a human rights based framework are needed to improve accountability and increase public scrutiny over these practices,” said Maddalena Neglia, Director of Globalisation and Human Rights desk at FIDH.

Please find below the whole text of the press released signed by Access Now, Amnesty International, Coalizione Italiana Liberta e Diritti civili (CILD), Committee to Protect Journalists, Fédération internationale des ligues des droits de l’Homme (FIDH), Privacy International and Reporters without borders (RSF).

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