Turkey : FIDH and IHD draw UN’s attention to AKP’s crackdown on women’s rights

Today, the CEDAW Committee will review the report of Turkey on the implementation of the UN Convention on women’s rights. FIDH and its member organisation in Turkey, The Human Rights Association (IHD), publish a shadow report to draw the Committee’s attention to the forms of discrimination faced by women in Turkey, especially since the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power.

Since the AKP, which advocates conservatism on issues of social order, won the legislative elections of November 2002, women’s rights have been curtailed. The AKP, which preaches Islamist values, promoted its conservative view of women’s role within society. It questioned the principle of equality between women and men, challenged sexual and reproductive rights and attacked feminists. They tried to dictate women how to behave in public, how many children to bear, how to give birth, and what career to choose... Speaking about Mr. Erdoğan’s government, Ilke Gokdemir, a women’s rights activist said, "No other [Turkish] government has been so radical against women" [1].

This report focuses on the following issues: violence against women, the promotion of stereotyped roles for women, women’s participation in political and public life, education, employment, health care and marriage.

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