Watch Out! - FIDH at the Paris Peace Forum

FIDH is pleased to announce its participation in the 2020 edition of the Paris Peace Forum through the selection of the Watch Out! project - the Digital Survival Kit that will be presented live on Thursday 12/11/2020 on the digital platform of the Forum. To register, please click here

In January 2018, FIDH published a report, through the Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, on the dire situation of women defenders in Saudi Arabia. The report focused on the systematic tracking by Saudi authorities of the positions taken by these brave women on social networks.

It has become clear that digital activity exposes the defenders in our Federation—as it exposes everyone throughout the world—to real dangers and violations of their rights. While awareness of this fact is now widespread, one question remains unanswered: How do you protect yourself from such insidious, yet discreet, intrusions? The purpose of this guide is to provide information that can help answer that question.

The Watch Out! - Digital Survival Kit offers a concrete solution for enhancing digital security by providing a set of basic tools and recommendations for protecting privacy, circumventing Internet censorship and securing sensitive data and communications. Initially dedicated to FIDH member organizations and human rights defenders, Watch Out! is accessible to all.

The mission of the Paris Forum for Peace is to contribute to overcoming the governance deficit by sharing solutions from around the world. This third edition of the Forum, 100% digital, which will take place from November 11 to 13, 2020, is an opportunity for FIDH to alert citizens and decision-makers on the governance deficit that needs to be addressed regarding cybersecurity and the necessary advent of regulated and regulated digital rights.

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