Racist C-Star boat nearby Tunisian territorial waters: call for vigilance

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Tunis - August 8 2017. The Tunisian forum for economic and social rights (FTDES - FIDH member organization) follows up the citizen mobilisation from the Zarzis, Gabès and Sfax harbours as well as the communication work still ongoing currently on social networks aiming to prevent the C-star boat to enter Tunisian harbours. This boat is intended to serve a far-right European project whose goal is to push back the rescued people to the Libyan coasts which would endanger their lives considering the dangerous situation there.

The Zarzis sailors’ mobilisation and youth from Gabès and Sfax one’s showed good example against racism, hatred and far-rights inhuman anti-migration actions which this movement wish to achieve.

The GPS position of this boat, still navigating in the SAR zone (Search And Rescue zone) in order to stir rescue humanitarian boats, indicates it is currently near the Tunisian territorial waters. This would suggest that the group has a political goal to show they are welcomed in Tunisia despite the racist and extremist ideas it vehiculates, claiming itself to be part of the far-right group “Identitarian Generation”.

Hence, the Tunisian forum for economic and social rights (FTDES):

  • Welcomes once more the mobilisations of Zarzis sailor’s and youth form Gabès and Sfax, and the work of the collective against the racist C-Star boat.
  • Calls again to even more vigilance whilst the boat is still navigating nearby Tunisian territorial waters and as it is still able to enter Tunisian harbours.
  • Calls the Tunisian companies owning supply ships to keep up with the Tunisian citizen action against racism and not to collaborate with the C-Star boat, excepted in case of emergency.
  • States that its work seeks to ensure solidarity, far from racism and hatred, within the
  • Mediterranean basin and to defend the migrants right to freedom of movement according International Conventions.
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