FIDH-REDRESS Letter to the Council Africa Working Group on Universal Jurisdiction

This FIDH-REDRESS letter is issued in advance of the meeting of the Council Africa Working Group (COAFR) in Brussels and in respect of the AU- EU Expert Report on the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction (‘the Report’), which was released on 16 April 2009.

FIDH and REDRESS use this opportunity to outline their assessment and concerns, and urge the COAFR to take these into account in any follow up discussion and further action taken in respect of the Report.

1. Preliminary Remarks
2. The Independence of the Judiciary
3. Victims’ access to justice and universal jurisdiction
4. Fostering a better understanding of universal jurisdiction
5. The EU and universal jurisdiction
6. Conclusion and follow up

FIDH-REDRESS Letter on Universal Juridiction - April 2009 [En]
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