Victims are asking to be more closely involved in the ICC’s proceedings

A delegation of associations, lawyers and experts from several African countries that are under investigation before the ICC have been meeting Court officials and representatives from States Parties to the Rome Statute throughout the week. The meetings, organised by the FIDH, have given participants the opportunity to express their concerns over respect for victims’ rights to effective participation in proceedings, proper legal representation and meaningful redress.

They emphasised the importance of their role and shared their fears over the impact of budget restrictions on their involvement. The thorny question of the ICC’s budget will be addressed in November at the next Assembly of States Parties.

Victims provide key evidence and bring a human dimension to the work of the Court,” said Karim Lahidji, President of the FIDH. They are the link between the decisions taken in The Hague and the atrocities committed on the ground, he added.

The 12th Assembly of States Parties will be held in The Hague from 20 to 28 November 2013. A vote will be taken on the ICC’s budget for next year. The question of the role of victims will be discussed in a special session.

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