ICC Review Conference

The first Review Conference of the Rome Statute took place in Kampala, Uganda, from 31 May to 11 June 2010. The Conference brought together representatives of 111 States Parties, observer States, inter-governmental organisations and hundreds of non-governmental organisations.

An FIDH delegation was present in Kampala and actively participated in all main events of this Conference.

- FIDH press release "Conclusion of landmark ICC Review Conference: difficult compromise and commitments to be confirmed" - 14 June 2010

- FIDH position paper "ICC Review Conference: Renewing Commitment to Accountability" - May 2010

FIDH Position Paper: "ICC Review Conference: Renewing Commitment to Accountability" - May 2010 [En]

- FIDH press release "First Review Conference of the ICC Statute: States must renew their commitment to accountability" - 31 May 2010

- FIDH declaration at the opening of the Review Conference of the Statute of the International Criminal Court - 1 June 2010

- Sudan / ICC: Press release of ACJPS-FIDH-IRRI "Activists Prevented from Travelling to the Rome Statute Review Conference" - 31 May 2010

- Israel / OPT: Press release of NGOs gathered in Kampala call for end of impunity crisis following Israeli attack on aid convoy - 1 June 2010

Other related documents:
- FIDH paper on the International Criminal Court’s first years - December 2009

FIDH: Les premières années de la CPI - décembre 2009 [Fr]
FIDH: the ICC’s first years - December 2009 [En]
FIDH: los primeros años de la CPI - diciembre de 2009 [Sp]

- FIDH’s comments on the ICC Office of the Prosecutor’s policy on victim participation - January 2010

FIDH’s comments on the ICC OTP draft policy paper on victim participation_January 2010

- VRWG position paper, "The Impact of the Rome Statute System on Victims and Affected Communities " - March 2010

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