FIDH Forum : Media Kit

JUSTICE : New Challenges - the Right to an Effective Remedy before an Independent Tribunal

Yerevan, Armenia, 6 - 8 April 2010

Shirin Ebadi, Luis Moreno Ocampo, Abdou Diouf, Françoise Tulkens [1]
: these are a few names among the list of key personalities and renowned national and international experts participating in the FIDH Forum alongside human rights defenders from the 155 FIDH member organisations throughout the world. This forum, entitled “JUSTICE : New Challenges - the Right to an Effective Remedy before an Independent Tribunal”, will take place in Yerevan (Armenia) from 6th to 8th April 2010.

“This forum will represent a unique opportunity for debate and exchange of experiences and analysis relating to the fight against impunity, access to justice for victims of human rights violations and prevention of the most serious crimes”, declared Souhayr Belhassen, FIDH President. “Bringing together so many personalities around this issue shortly before the commemoration of the first genocide of the 20th century, takes on a strong symbolic importance in our eyes, in particular in the context of continued dialogue between Turkey and Armenia”, she explained.

This forum, organised in partnership with the Civil Society Institute (CSI), FIDH member organisation in Armenia, within the framework of the 37th FIDH Congress, will indeed constitute an opportunity to work on the different remedies available to victims of human rights violations in the course of their struggle for truth, justice and reparations on a national, regional and international level, and to look into the issue of the prevention of international crimes, on the basis of the exchange of experiences between participating NGOs from every continent.

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