How you can help the people of Ukraine

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Only seven days into Russia’s armed aggression against Ukraine, the situation is rapidly deteriorating as Russian troops are advancing and occupying more Ukrainian territory. Ukraine is mounting a fierce resistance in these dire circumstances, but their resilience alone is not enough to withstand the bombs and tanks; it is crucial that the international community continue its support.

There have been reliable reports of hundreds of civilian deaths and tens of thousands of horrific injuries to civilians as a result of indiscriminate bombardments. Millions of Ukrainians have been deprived of food, water, electricity and other basic necessities. Ukrainian human rights organisations—including the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH)’s Kyiv-based member organisation, the Center for Civil Liberties (CCL)—are fighting for survival in bomb shelters, while courageously continuing to document violations and to bring the voice of Ukrainian civil society to the outside world.

This devastating invasion has also led hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee, attempting to reach Poland, Romania, Hungary, and Western Europe. In unacceptable instances of racism on train platforms, persons of foreign origin, including from Africa and Asia, particularly students, have been denied access to trains leaving Ukraine.

Ukraine: what you can do

In the midst of the constant flow of information—and faced with uncertainty—it is easy to feel overwhelmed and powerless, but we can all contribute to supporting the people in Ukraine in these difficult times. On the map below, you will find various ways to help, including hosting a refugee in your home, providing funds to aid relief efforts, supporting and learning from independent Ukrainian media, and more.

As the situation in Ukraine unfolds, the needs of citizens in the country and neighbouring regions are sure to change. We will be keeping this resource up to date with the ways you can help respond to the evolving needs.

Ukraine: what is happening?

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