Lima Declaration on Human Rights and Business

FIDH member organizations from Asia, Africa and the Americas meeting in Lima between 9 and 11 July 2012 in an international seminar « Human Rights and Business at Crossroads: Challenges and Perspectives » adopt the Lima Declaration on Human Rights and Business.

In light of recent developments at the international and regional levels in the area of business and human rights, participants express their preoccupation about the risk of divergence of approaches in the interpretation and operationalization of these instruments and recall the need to interpret such instruments in light of international human rights law, as well as the urgency to protect the rights of participation and consultation of those affected as a key component of any due diligence processes. Participants also highlight risks and issues faced by communities and human rights defenders, particularly in the context of megaprojects and extractive industries. Adopting the Declaration in Peru, participants firmly condemned the situation in Cajamarca and the violence that took place in relation to mining conflicts.

This Declaration represents an important step for FIDH member organisations mobilized on these issues and formulates specific recommendations to all actors involved including States, businesses, the UN Working Group on Business and Human Rights and sets out the way forward for FIDH and its member organisations.

In particular, signatories call for greater regulation of the activities of multinational companies at the national, regional and international levels and reaffirm their willingness to pursue all means and use all existing provisions, through dialogue or judicial or mobilisation strategies, to ensure corporate-related abuses stop and to guarantee victims’ access to justice and reparation.

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Lima Declaration on Human Rights and Business
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