CSOs call for the strengthening of the international normative framework on business and human rights

On 4th December 2013, over 140 CSOs, including FIDH, called for a legally binding international framework on human rights, transnational corporations and other business enterprises.

The NGO statement was drafted by participants of the Peoples’ Forum on Human Rights & Business organized by the International Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Network (ESCR-Net) in Bangkok on November 5-7, 2013. It calls upon States to elaborate an international treaty that affirms the applicability of human rights obligations to transnational corporations and other business enterprises, requires States Parties to monitor and regulate the operations of business enterprises under their jurisdiction, including when acting outside their national territory, and provides for legal liability of business enterprises for acts or omissions that infringe on human rights.

See the full statement and the list of signatories.

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