"Defenders on the forefront and continuous struggle to access justice": FIDH legal commentary on Business and Human Rights Resource Centre

FIDH was recently invited to publish a legal commentary on the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre’s Corporate Legal Accountability Portal, presenting its position and feeding into current discussions taking place at the UN Human Rights Council’s 26th session regarding the development of binding standards on business and human rights.

Stressing the increasing harassement and criminalisation of those who denounce corporate abuse such as land and environmental rights defenders, the prevailing corporate impunity and lack of access to remedy for victims of human rights violations by entreprises, FIDH argues in favour of the strengthening of national and international standards on business and human rights.
As recalled in FIDH’s recent Briefing Paper highlighting the UNGP’s shortcomings and insufficient implementation, traditional CSR mechanisms and voluntary norms are failing to generate tangible improvements for individuals and communities affected by corporate abuse.

FIDH argues that treaty developments and efforts to strenghten national and regional frameworks are complementary and mutually reinforcing dynamics. International binding standards on business and human rights are necessary to ensure corporate accountability and victims’ access to justice. It would also contribute to creating a level-playing field for businesses, and would help States attracting foreign investments.

FIDH Legal Commentary BHRRC

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