Review of the EU Action Plan on Human Rights and Democracy: FIDH recommendations

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The increasing challenges on human rights and democracy require that the EU reaffirms the strong calls made in 2012 in the EU Strategic Framework on human rights and democracy. This reassertion should be the basis for a reinforcement of both tools and policies, and for defining specific actions to address the challenges.

FIDH recommends that the new Action Plan identifies clear commitments, seeks to attain concrete results, and clarifies actions in some key areas. FIDH fully endorses the recommendations made by the Human Rights and Democracy Network (HRDN) and considers that its recommendations are preconditions to ensure a result-oriented Action Plan.

In complement to the recommendations made by HRDN which focus on general principles and transversal commitments, FIDH wishes to recommend concrete actions in specific areas. Without such actions geared towards delivering tangible results the Action Plan risks becoming a plan without action. The increasingly challenging global context demands that the EU develops a new methodology to enhance the efficiency of its policy. It also requires new concrete commitments to
ensure that the EU duly adapts to its new environment.

30.04.2019 FIDH Recommendations AP Review by FIDH on Scribd

HRDN Statement AP Review 30.04.2019 by FIDH on Scribd

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