European Elections 2024: FIDH calls on European election candidates to commit to human rights

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The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and its member organisations in Europe are launching a Manifesto for human rights aimed at the candidates for the upcoming European elections in June. The goal? To urge them to commit to 10 priorities for their next mandate, at a time when democracy, the rule of law, and human rights are under threat in the Union.

The Manifesto for human rights in Europe is available here in several languages.

Brussels, 9 May 2024. Populism and anti-rights movements are on the rise in Europe. They call into question the rule of law and the universality of human rights. In the hope of defending them, on the eve of the European elections, FIDH and its member organisations in Europe call on candidates and future representatives of the European institutions to affirm their commitment to the most fundamental values on which the European project is founded. In this respect, the FIDH Manifesto lists 10 essential points that should be at the heart of the campaign for the 2024 European elections and the mandate of the European Parliament and Commission for the next five years.

On the eve of a historic election, the European Union must guarantee the respect for human rights internally and in its relations with other countries”, said Elena Crespi, Head of FIDH Europe Office. “We call on the candidates in the forthcoming elections, and on future elected representatives, to embody the key values of the European Union and to protect them from those who seek to destroy them”.

FIDH is also calling on voters to support its appeal, by relaying it to candidates in their respective countries, and by giving their vote to those who endorse it.

Demand respect for rights

The European Union is founded on respect for human dignity, equality, democracy, the rule of law and respect for human rights. It must demand the effective application of these fundamental principles, which are present both in the constitutions of the Member States and in the regional and international treaties and conventions they have ratified, first and foremost the founding Treaties of the European Union.

The European Union also has an essential role to play in promoting a world order that respects human rights for everyone, everywhere. This mission is of crucial importance in a world in crisis, where human rights violations are taking place on every continent.

Therefore, on the eve of the 2024 European elections, FIDH and its member organisations call on all candidates and future members of the European Parliament and the European Commission to :

1)Protect and promote democratic principles and the rule of law

2)Protect and strengthen civil society organisations and human rights and environmental defenders

3)Promote effective equality and combating all forms of discrimination

4)Fight against poverty and social exclusion

5)Protect and promote women’s rights and gender equality

6)Ensure that the lives, rights and the dignity of people on the move be respected and protected

7)Promote respect of human rights and environmental rights by economic actors

8)Recognise the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment as a human right and develop new mechanisms to address the environmental and human rights consequences of the climate crisis.

9)Promote the fight against impunity for international crimes and grave human rights violations

10)Ensure that the European Union and its Member States’ human rights obligations are implemented consistently in EU foreign policy, and that the latter contributes to strengthening human rights and democracy worldwide.

How to support the call of FIDH ?

 Call on the chief candidates the European elections in the 27 Member States of the European Union and invite them to subscribe to the Manifesto:
 Read and share the Manifesto for human rights in Europe, available in several languages
 Share FIDH publications on social networks to amplify the campaign : Visuals
 On 6-9 June 2024, give your vote to the candidates whose electoral programme reflects FIDH’s 10 human rights priorities

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