The European Parliament calls on the international community to address the human rights violations in Burundi

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In light of the failed 8 December talks between the European Union and Burundian authorities, under Article 96 of the Cotonou Agreement, the EU will be studying “appropriate measures” in the coming weeks to bring about solutions that ensure respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law.

For several months, FIDH and its Burundi member league, Iteka, have been keeping the European institutions informed on the evolution of the situation in Burundi, especially stressing the need to support the human rights defenders and the fight against impunity.
These concerns are spelled out in the European Parliament’s 17 December resolution that follows the 7 December resolution of the EU-ACP Joint Parliamentary Assembly on the post-electoral situation in Burundi.

Furthermore, close to 40 members of the european parliament signed an open letter urging the Burundian authorities to immediately stop attacking and harassing representatives of the civil society. The European Parliament (EP), like FIDH and Iteka, is calling upon the African Union and other parties to deploy a peace-keeping mission, under a UN mandate. The EP is also urging that the EU redirect all its non-humanitarian assistance provided to Burundi, to one that strengthens civil society instead.

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